Are you under financial duress and need to sell your house fast? We Buy Vegas houses in record time and will give you cash to settle your urgent needs. 

Selling a house in Vegas is tasking and tiring, no doubt, and it becomes exceptionally worse when you have a deadline. Distressed homeowners are usually forced to undersell their homes, that is if they even find a buyer quick enough.

There are many reasons why homeowners opt to sell their houses. Often, it’s due to an urgent need for cash or relocation. Whatever be the case, We Buy Vegas Houses Quick and we are here to save you from lowball offers that will dishearten you. We care about our client’s comfort and convenience, so we’re here to ease the extra burden.

Mistakes You Avoid When We Buy Vegas Houses

Self Marketing

Trying to get a buyer for your home through the old-fashioned ‘for sale by owner‘ means is the biggest rookie mistake to make. If you want to attract credible and creditworthy buyers, opt for a We Buy Vegas Houses company or at the very least, a real estate agent. 

Trying to sell yourself will only expose you to exploitation, especially if you did not properly appraise your home. Let’s not forget that it’s almost impossible to find a good buyer on time.

Hiring Middlemen

If you’re a Vegas homeowner looking to sell your home for extra cash, why then hire middlemen that would require you to pay them? And yes, these middlemen include real estate agents. 

You can sell your house directly to Alex Buys Vegas Houses and cut down the commission and closing costs that these middlemen require.

Letting Emotions Get In Your Way 

A home often holds sentimental value to its owners and it’s hard to let go of these ties. This is understandable, especially if special memories were created within the home. 

But, if you mean business, you’d have to sever the emotional ties and sell your house with a clear head. The best part is, you can always make new memories in another home. Remember, home is where the heart is.

Alex Buys Houses: How It Works

We’ve established that we are your best bet at selling your Vegas Houses quickly. Now, we’d like to walk you through the selling process which only entails 4 easy steps.

Contact Us

You can reach us via our official website or by visiting our Vegas headquarters. We would require you to provide details of your house and state your address so we can come to take a look ourselves.

Provide Virtual Walkthroughs

Providing us with pictures and videos of the house helps cut down appraisal time. Nonetheless, it is not always requested. Our team would still do a physical visit to expertly inspect the actual condition of the house. 

You can pick the date for the inspection yourself. Whichever day is convenient enough for you to host us, simply schedule a session and we’ll be right there.

Get Offers in 24 hours 

After the physical inspection, our team makes a deliberation to settle on the most appropriate offer for you. This is usually a one-time offer, but rest assured, you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. 

Close Within 7 Days

Once you’ve accepted our offer, leave it to us to have the entire process rounded up before a week. We’d have your cash ready in less than 7 days so you could sort out that emergency. 

And guess what? Even after we’ve offered you the cash, we’re willing to let you keep your house for a limited period before you move out. This would help you sort out another place to stay.  We’re after your comfort and convenience as much as you are. 

In the past year alone, Alex Buys Vegas houses helped over 100 homeowners out of their distress sales. Our past clients in Vegas have all the good things to say about our amazing offers, incredible team, and of course, the ease of our processes. Allow us to do the same for you as we’ve done for the others.


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