Are you contemplating if to go for a realtor or a We Buy Vegas houses company? Read further to find out which of these will give you a better deal.

Realtors and We Buy Vegas Houses companies are the leading options for homeowners in Vegas. Trying to sell a home by yourself or via an auction could turn out to be a tug of war, not forgetting the meagre offers that you are likely to get.

If you’re selling the house due to financial needs, then going for a realtor may not be your best option yet because you’d be attracting commissions, closing costs, and sometimes, repair costs. Let’s not forget the paperwork and the lengthy process involved.

It’s a no-brainer that Alex Buys Vegas Houses is your quickest chance at obtaining cash via home sale.

Will Realtors Help Me Sell Quicker?

Since you’re not selling directly to the realtor, you can not be certain as to how long the sales process would take. The realtor, in a bid to help you meet the best deal, would have to scour through interested clients to find the perfect offer. And, we all know these clients don’t all come at once. All of this will no doubt take time.

A realtor no doubt comes in handy, especially if you have very little knowledge about your home’s actual worth. Since they’re getting 6-10% of the sales, they’d give you credible advice on how to boost the price. Also, they are well aware of market conditions, so they know the best range of pricing to settle for.

In addition, a realtor van guards you through the escrow process when you’ve eventually landed a buyer. If your realtor is a top agent, they would find a creditworthy buyer for you in very little time. And, you’d be getting more money than you would have if you had attempted to sell yourself.

It is safe to say that a hack for getting the fastest sale using a realtor, is to go for the high-profile ones that won’t get you low-ball deals. Subtle warning though, these top agents may not be charging the regular 4/6% that the average realtor would charge.

We Buy Vegas Houses in Record Time

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is a renowned Vegas real estate agency known to provide all Vegas homeowners the opportunity of getting cash for their homes in record time. In line with our reputation, we provide one-time cash offers that are irresistible. It is very unlikely that you get a similar deal elsewhere. Sell your Vegas home to us and enjoy the following benefits:

Quick Closing

We understand that time is of the essence. This is why we are very eager to round up all the paperwork and cash transactions in as little as 7 days! Yes, in less than one week, you’ll have your cash at hand.

No Need for Repairs

We buy Vegas houses as-is, with no need for repairs. You can be certain that you’d be getting the most appropriate deals for your home’s worth because that’s what we’re about. 

Regardless of how your home looks, we’d buy it. Leave the restructuring to us. We’ve bought more dilapidated structures in Vegas, yours can’t be an exception.

No Extra Costs

You won’t be charged any extra costs for closing and we don’t ask for commissions either. We pay you the full amount for your buildings and you can keep all of the money. 

No inconvenient Open Housing

If you’ve tried the ‘for sale by owner’ method before, then you’re very familiar with the inconvenience of hosting strangers in your apartment. It’s usually sad when none of these seemingly interested strangers leave without making a credible cash offer. 

Alex Buys Vegas Houses will only have a team sent to your house for a thorough inspection, after which we’d have your cash offer ready and you won’t have to physically deal with us if you don’t want to. 

It’s still yours after the sale

Sound surprising? You’d rarely get this offer from a realtor. Alex Buys Vegas Houses will let you keep your home for a limited period after the sale to give you room to conveniently relocate. Yes, we’re good like that.