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At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we are one of the city’s largest and most prominent cash-for-home buyers. Over the past year, we’ve purchased over a hundred homes for cash, which has consequently made it easier and faster for many people to move on with their lives. Our cash offers are fair and come with no contingencies, and there is no obligation on your part to accept them. It is only once you accept our offer that we start moving ahead with the sale.

Why Sell Your House Fast Reno to us:

Fair cash offers for all homes

We buy homes in any condition

No repairs needed

We buy homes nearing foreclosure

We also buy homes with troublesome tenants

If you have a home that’s near impossible to sell for some reason, feel free to get in touch with us for a no-obligation offer.
Sell My House Fast Reno

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“I honestly didn’t think it was going to be such an easy process, Alex basically held our hands through the entire thing and provided a bunch of great resources to help us in the future with owning a home! I would definitely recommend getting in contact with him if your in a sticky situation.”

– Debby F.

“I inherited a property from my parents in Las Vegas and I was living on the East coast at the time. There were too many repairs that needed to be done to even make it livable and I didn’t have the cash to fix it. I called them up to see what my options were and they made it very easy and simple I have to say. They paid all cash for the house and literally bought it in a week! Thanks for the great experience guys!”

– Tim Eckle

“Working with Alex has been awesome. We honestly thought it would be way more complicated when we decided to give him a call. Alex and his team make you feel extremely comfortable and help you understand the entire process. We closed on the date that we needed to and we got an offer that was fair. We would definitely give them a call if you need to sell a Las Vegas house fast.

– Carl and Beth Johanson

We Are Dedicated to Serving Homeowners in Reno

We have a dedicated team and work to invest in real estate across the city. However, we think that Reno is in particular need of help, especially folks who are stuck with homes that they are unable to sell. Unfortunately, many real estate companies and investors look past the homeowner who badly needs to get rid of their home because it has become a liability.

While we are dedicated to helping homeowners, in fact, it is our primary concern. We are also businesspeople. That means the homes we buy have to turn a profit for us after we’ve invested in repairs and other expenses. That’s why we buy homes in our experience that helps the homeowner and ourselves as investors turn a profit.

Sure, it is possible to sell your home via a real estate agent. A real estate agent is professional and with often years of experience. However, they can’t sell every home unless it is in a market where the demand for homes outstrips supply; unfortunately, that isn’t Reno. That’s why many homes remain on the market for months with no results. If you have tried by putting your home on the market, you know exactly what we are talking about. Even after spending all that time and money, there is no guarantee that the home will sell. We buy houses in Reno, regardless, of it is in good condition, what’s important to us is that you own the property and are willing to sell for the offer we make.

When you sell the home to us, we are taking a major risk and absorbing any problems that come with owning the home. There are several risks for us which include bad tenants, poor condition of the property, a rodent infestation, etc. However, as real estate investors, we have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done. Plus, we have access to the required investment to ensure that the property can be brought back to the shape it should turn a profit.

Whether you have a home that dates back several decades, or one that was recently in a fire, or perhaps a home that’s about to foreclose, we can help you! Get in touch with us today.

Cash Home Buyers Reno – We Make A Fair Cash Offer

We offer homeowners a fast and very simple way to sell their property in Reno. As one of the largest, most experienced cash-for-home buyers in the city, we are in a position to buy any home on the shortest notice. Furthermore, we have made it extremely simple to sell your home; the process is quick for the most part, so as long as your documents are in order.

I Want to Sell My House Fast Reno

How Can Alex Help?

We offer cash as a way to motivate sellers. However, it also means that we pay for the home in the shortest time compared to selling your home via a real estate agent or putting it on the market. You should sell your home to us if you want a quick sale for whatever reason. That said, you are more than welcome to compare our offers to other cash house buyers in the city.

If you decide to sell your home for cash in Reno, here is what you can expect from us:

Sell your house fast Reno without any hassle – Selling your home via a realtor or listing it on the market can take a lot of time. In Reno, you can expect to sell in as few as six months, but that’s only if your home is in so-called “market condition” anything less would mean it sits on the market for long. It isn’t uncommon for homes to languish on the market for over a year and still not get a decent offer. Also, even after getting an offer, processing the sale can take weeks at least, and the sale can fall through anytime in between. That’s why we offer a hassle-free experience when you sell to us. We pay cash in the shortest time. So, there are no inspections, appraisals and we don’t get cold feet!

We Buy Houses Reno – We aim to close quickly – Our goal is to close in the shortest time possible, ideally within a week. However, you are not pressured to accept our offer or sell your home to us. We will also give you enough time to get everything in order before the sale. The good news is that you get to sell your house fast Reno, with no strings attached.

We Buy Houses Reno – We make competitive cash offers for houses in Reno – We are not here to make a quick buck by taking advantage of your situation. Unlike other companies, we don’t make lowball offers. Instead, we are here to help by making a fair cash offer. We are leading Reno Cash home buyers because our offers are highly competitive and a win-win for all parties involved. In addition, we pay closing costs and take care of other expenses, which means you keep everything we give you for the home.

We are flexible – Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, our team is here to help you. We often tell homeowners that no situation is too dire because we buy houses in Reno regardless of their condition. Even if the home has foundational issues and water damage, we can make a fair offer to buy the house quickly.

Get Cash For Your Home in A Few Days

We know that selling your home isn’t an easy or a small decision. However, after much thought, you have concluded that there is no sense in keeping the property. Many times people can’t or don’t want to keep properties they can’t maintain. Whether you own a piece of distressed property or you need to move right away for some reason, we provide you with a quick cash transaction. If anything, you are walking away with money and possibly the chance to start fresh or use that money to address your issues. If you have a home that has been sitting on the market or you think it is too damaged to be sold, get in touch with us. We will provide you with a free, no-obligation offer. Alex Buys Vegas Houses, even if they are broken! So, there is no reason for you to worry about fixing up the place or tidying it up.

Why sell your Reno house fast to us:

Homeowners don’t need to spend any time or money repairing or updating their homes. Furthermore, there is no need to clean the property either.

When choosing to sell your home to us, you don’t need to pay realtor commissions which can be up to 6% of what the home sells for.

We are professional Reno Cash Home Buyers which means you also save 4% on closing costs.

You save money on both property taxes and holding costs associated with the sale.

Homeowners don’t need to find an agent; spend time selling their home, spend money staging the home, and hosting open houses.

A conventional buyer often may not qualify for a mortgage, but with us, there is no mortgage company or bank involved.

As the leading Reno cash home buyer, we usually close within 30 days but try to close sooner if possible.

We have the financial resources needed to close and buy your home outright. That’s why there is no risk of the deal falling through.

We Buy Houses Reno –  That Will Not Sell

As someone who has had their home on the market for a while, you already know that selling it isn’t easy. Even if you manage to sell, the expenses associated with it mean that you end up with less money than what is paid for the home. Furthermore, you need to factor in the expenses like staging costs, your time, and any repairs that had to be undertaken to bring the home up to market condition. Even then, selling it can be easier said than done.

Many people find that the longer their home sits on the market, the harder it can become to sell. Some areas and homes have a bad rep, which makes selling them exponentially harder. Fortunately, cash for home buyers like us has no problem buying your home. We have, over the years, purchased hundreds of homes that were on the market but didn’t sell. Often, the homeowner was losing money because their time was wasted by the home on the market. Selling to us means that you get cash for your home right away.

You don’t have to worry about the bank approving a mortgage or getting a lowball offer when you sell your home to us. The offers we make are highly competitive and based on the condition of your home. We don’t care if the home hasn’t been updated because we will handle cleaning up and renovation after buying the home. In other words, we buy homes as-is. Our goal is to put cash in your pocket and take possession of the home in the shortest time so that we can start the process of renovating and later flipping it.

Got An Unwanted Home?

We, Will, Buy It From You

We Buy Houses Reno, to us, there are no unwanted homes, just ones that haven’t been taken care of. We buy unwanted homes of all types and sizes across Reno and even beyond. If you have an unwanted home that nobody seems interested in making an offer for, we can buy it from you. Whether it is an unwanted home or a building, we will make a fair offer that is better than any other company. We have years of experience buying homes of all types and sizes, which puts us in the best position to make an offer that’s a win-win for everyone. You get to sell your home for a fair amount of money and in the shortest time possible. For us, it means gaining possession of a home that we will then spend time and money on renovating before flipping. It is a high-risk investment for us, but it helps many people sell their homes which would otherwise be impossible.

We Don’t Take Advantage of Homeowners

At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we have a policy of helping homeowners sell their homes. That’s why not only do we make generous offers but have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that work with homeowners. Our team works with homeowners who want to sell, ensuring that their paperwork is in order and ensuring that they get the assistance needed every step of the way.

We know from experience that many people may have never sold a home before and not be aware of all the steps involved. Sometimes, there are a few extra steps that a homeowner may have to take, especially if they recently inherited the property but don’t live in the city. Regardless, we have a team that provides them with the required assistance and answers their questions along the way.

Many homeowners also decide to sell their homes to us because they trust that we have their back. We have a reputation that spans several years, and many people come to us because of our reputation. It is often word of mouth, which means that they know what to expect from us in terms of service.

If you are a homeowner who wants to sell your home or rental property, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will be more than happy to walk you through the entire process. We will also answer any questions you might have about your specific situation.

Sell Your Reno House Fast – Liquidate Your Home In A Week!

Sometimes, you just want to sell the home to take care of other expenses. Many times people are selling their homes to pay for a divorce, medical expenses, or because they are moving to another country. At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we don’t ask questions. We don’t need to know why you are selling the home. Instead, we want to know how soon you want to get rid of it! Our goal is to work with homeowners serious about selling their homes fast. That’s why we will provide you with an offer within a couple of hours or a business day. While you are under no obligation to accept the offer, we ask that you are serious about selling.

Getting a no-obligation offer is also quick and straightforward. Fill out our online form with as much information about the home as possible. Make sure to send us pictures so that our team can evaluate the condition of the home and make an offer based on prevailing prices in the area. If you have a troubled property or one that hasn’t been maintained over the years, we will make an offer accordingly. That said, we do not pressure people to accept our offer and are free to get offers from other companies in Reno, NV. We only ask that you be careful!

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If you have a home that’s only attracting taxes but not being used, then get in touch with us today. We will be more than happy to help you.


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Getting a cash offer for any home has never been easier. In fact, it takes just a few hours to get an offer from the time you fill out the form. If you want to sell the house quickly and need to move within days, make sure to mention it in the form. Our team will then work with you accordingly to ensure that we can close the sale in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today, and we’ll not only give you a cash offer for your home in Reno but can also help you decide if selling to us is the best option for a person in your situation. Our consultation is free and comes with no strings attached.

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