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How quickly can I get my house in Vegas off the market? This is a question most sellers ask when looking into selling their houses. Typically, the average house sale on Nevada’s open housing market takes, on average, 85 days – from listing to closing.

* Based on data (Dec 2020) from Realtor.com

According to these numbers, that’s 50 days to get an offer for your house. Luckily, there are options such as selling to a cash house buyer/quick sale company or a “we buy houses” company that are much faster and more suitable for distressed property sellers.

“I need to sell my home fast!” – Get a fair cash offer for your home in Vegas today! At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we buy houses in Vegas and want to make you an offer. You don’t have t repair, sell as-is and even pick a closing date that suits your calendar.

How Quickly Can I Sell My House In Vegas?

There are different approaches to selling property, and each approach has a different timeframe. The most common approaches are –

1. Listing (With An Agent)

Selling on an open market through listing with a real estate agent is the most common (traditional) way to sell, but it is also by far the most stressful and slowest. On average, as mentioned before, selling using this method can take over 3 months, which for many homeowners, especially distressed property owners, is just too slow.

2. Selling At An Auction

Selling your Vegas home at an auction might not be as slow as using a real estate agent; however, it has more risks and stressors than selling on the open market. Selling a house at an auction is an excellent solution for property owners looking for a fast sale but aren’t really relying on the proceeds. After all, the sale price is determined by the bidders. For this reason, this method can be overwhelming for home sellers who want more control.

3. Selling To A “We Buy Houses” Company

One of the more popular methods, this option eliminates the cons and headaches of traditional house-selling methods to offer a more efficient and reliable quick sale.

Can I Sell Faster Using A Vegas Real Estate Agent?

Companies that buy houses for cash or “we buy houses” companies are popping up everywhere, and while they’ve been attracting distressed property owners with the promise of a super-fast and stress-free sale.

But understandably, there’s a lot of skepticism, surrounding these companies, and some homeowners choose to stick with a traditional sale. So, what can you sell with a real estate agent on the open market and still achieve a quick sale? Below, we’ve put together some expert hacks that can help you achieve a quick sale even with a real estate agent:

– Curb Appeal: This is one of the best ways to attract more potential buyers and is an excellent way to try and achieve a fast sale. There are plenty of ways to improve your property’s curb appeal, including, adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your home, adding outdoor furniture, cleaning up the exterior, manicuring the yard, and so on.

– Repair & Renovate: One of the biggest challenges that potential home buyers mention when looking at homes is structural issues or a house requiring maintenance. Most home sellers don’t want a house with issues, and often, they’re looking for a move-in ready property. You may want to fix issues in the house and renovate before you list. Fixing up your home before you sell increases the chances of enticing potential buyers.

– Price Your Home Right: One of the main reasons why houses in Vegas stay on the market for months is unrealistic prices. If you set an unrealistic asking price for your house in Vegas, you’ll likely go for months without any viewings. Also, reducing the asking price after some time can make buyers think there is a problem with your property. You must research your city and area to check if your home is in the right bracket by looking at other houses in your neighborhood that are similar to yours.

*Pro Tip* Always set a realistic and competitive price for your house.

– Use The Right Agent: Selling in an open market can be a daunting process. Having the right real estate agent working for you can go a long way in making things easier and even helping you sell your home fast. If you’re not happy with your agent, find one that suits your needs. You can ask for recommendations from your network to find a reliable and experienced real estate agent.

Why Use A “We Buy Houses In Vegas” Company?

Generally speaking, cash home buyers or a “we buy houses in Vegas” company is an excellent solution for distressed property sellers or homeowners desperate to sell quickly.

Is auctioning your home not an option for you? Have you actioned and exhausted all tips to help you sell your property quickly through listing? If so, then selling to a cash house buyer is an excellent solution for you.

At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we buy houses in Vegas and surrounding areas as-is and can close in less than two weeks! Yes, it’s true, we’ll swoop in, make you an offer for your property regardless of how it looks or its condition and close fast so you can close that chapter of your life.

Even if you sell with a well-reputed real estate agent, you will still have to pay a commission, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to sell your property quickly. When you sell to us:

– 100% guaranteed sale

– Zero commissions

– Sell as-is! (We also buy tenanted houses)

– Sell fast (as quickly as 10-14 days)

– Very little effort required (we’ll handle everything, including closing costs)

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Thankfully, if you’re looking for a fast and hassle-free sale, we can help. At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we’ve got significant funds and experience to be able to act straight away and give you a quick sale. For a free cash offer for your home in Vegas, get in touch!

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