Vegas Home Sale – The We Buy Vegas Houses Complete Guide

You can sell almost anything without a guide, but not a house in Las Vegas! This guide reveals the process of home sale from two major ends (with a we buy Vegas Houses cash buyer and a realtor).

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Various life situations may cause Las Vegas homeowners to put up their property for sale. To make the process easy, we buy vegas houses from distressed sellers who either want to move on to a better life or are pushed back to resort to a home sale. If you fall within the category of sellers above, then you are in the right place as this guide will provide you with all the information that you need to execute a smooth, fast, and reliable home sale.

Vegas Home Sale: Cash Offer Vs Realtor

The bone of contention lies between these two as a large number of Vegas homeowners are stuck between opting for an advert placement that reads “we buy Vegas houses” and going all out for a professional real estate agent. In this section, we will answer basic questions concerning a Las Vegas home sale as comprehensively as we possibly can.


To begin with, homeowners in Las Vegas need to understand that selling their property either through a real estate agent or to a cash buyer is relevant, but the process is different. We will look quickly into the process of selling your Vegas house to a cash buyer, as well as through a realtor.

Cash Buyer

When a cash home buyer says “we buy Vegas houses“, they mean the exact words. What distinguishes cash buyers from the plethora of options in the real estate market is that you do not have to wait forever before you get your Vegas house sold. Unlike other traditional home sale processes that may yank weeks or even months from your calendar, selling your property to a cash buyer helps you close the deal within days.


What about payment of commission you may ask? Vegas cash home buyers will simply buy your house as-is, thereby eliminating the need to pay commission to a realtor. Another advantage that selling your home to a cash buyer has over traditional home sales is that you do not have to invest in home staging and showing to potential buyers — a process common to selling your Vegas home through a real estate agent.

Home Sale Process Via a Cash Buyer

The process of home sale through a cash home buyer is simple and does not require any stress to actualize. Each step is explained below;

  • Contact a Trusted Cash Buyer

The first and most important step of selling your Vegas home to a cash home buyer is to contact a trusted cash buyer. We buy Vegas houses from distressed sellers with a track record that speaks of our integrity. Once you place a phone call through to us, we acknowledge that you have initiated the home sale process.

  • Provide Your Home Information

Usually, during the phone call or email conversation, a cash home buyer in Vegas will request accurate information about your home which will be processed to generate a competitive cash offer.

  • Get Paid

Once your home information is validated, you instantly get a cash offer that puts your house off of the market in no time at all. The whole process usually takes 3 to 5 days of initiation.


Selling your Vegas home through a realtor is considered to be a more professional way to go about a home sale. The major reason behind this ideology is because it educated the seller about the entire process while there is still ample time to go about normal life. The process of a Vegas home sale through a real estate agent is quite longer than that of a cash buyer and you will have to pay a commission to the realtor upon successful sale.

Home Sale Process Through Realtor

The process of a Vegas home sale through a real estate agent starts with contacting a realtor that has authority in the estate market. Upon securing a real estate agent to help you out with all paperwork, you now have to proceed to invest in home staging and inspection from potential buyers. The advantage you have as a homeowner selling their Vegas home is that you can negotiate a selling price with the buyer and close with high interest.

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Alex Buys Vegas Houses is a trusted cash home buyer in Vegas and you can be sure to get an amazing offer when you get in touch with us today.


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