Selling your house as-is to we buy Vegas houses companies is common among distressed sellers who need quick cash. However, these actions come with some pros and cons.


Selling houses for quick cash is always the best option when distressed home sellers are faced with some financial decisions. These decisions might be troublesome tenants, debts, migration and other issues. 


When your house has several problems and needs repairs, selling them might be the best decision. However, selling your home as-is comes with its problems. 


Let’s talk about some pros and cons of deciding to sell your as-is to We Buy Vegas Houses Companies


What does it mean to sell your houses as-is to We Buy Vegas Houses Companies?


Distressed sellers who want to sell their homes as-is want to sell them in their present condition. Selling as-is means the homeowner isn’t going to make any renovations or upgrades and your chosen buyer will have to make necessary renovations.

Some misconceptions about selling your house as-is 

Many people have some wrong impressions about what selling your house as-is means. Selling your house in its present condition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell the home buyer the condition of the property.


You will need to disclose everything about the house and what renovations and upgrades will be needed. Hiding obvious home repairs or intentionally keeping vital information about what the house needs could put you in serious problems. 


Most states mandate homeowners to adhere to the Consumer Protection Act which mandates them to disclose everything about their property to the seller. Therefore if your house has leaking roof cracks or foundation issues, you will need to inform the companies near you.


Pros of selling your house as-is to We Buy Vegas Houses Companies


Selling of homes as-is is common in Vegas, here are some benefits you get for selling your house in its present condition :

No repair costs

Distressed sellers who want their house sold need the cash and not paying repair costs is an advantage. Anything that homeowners can do to avoid spending is good. 


With the high rise in the cost of repairs and renovations, it’s a plus to avoid spending any money on repairs and renovations.

No Financial pressure


The reason many homeowners sell their houses as-is is because of too much financial pressure. But when you decide to sell to a house buying company, they will remove these pressures and help buy your house without many problems.


Since they will pay cash, you will have enough money to solve your immediate financial issues.


They pay Fast


Unlike estate management companies and other home-buying options, using we buy houses companies allows you to complete the sale quickly. They don’t waste time and within 2-4 days, they complete the sale.


They pay cash


Vegas house buyers offer cash for distressed sellers who want to sell their homes as-is. You don’t have to bother about bank issues or cheques bouncing, you will be paid immediately and all processes have been completed. 


Saves you stress


Selling houses can be very difficult and complicated especially for homeowners who are new to house sales. With we buy Vegas House companies they carry all the burden and you have little or nothing to do 


Cons of Selling Your House As-is to We Buy Vegas Houses Companies


There are some drawbacks while using professional house buyers, they are : 


The offer might be below house value 


Homeowners who wish to sell their house as-is might have to accept a lower offer than expected. When you want to sell a house with obvious defects and repairs, you will not get the real home value.


House Buyers will offer a lower home value because they will consider the cost of repairs and upgrades. 


They can walk away anytime


We buy Vegas houses that are reliable and trustworthy, however, unless you accept their offer quickly, they could walk away with anything. Just because they offer you an as-is offer doesn’t mean they will buy your house. 


There is a stipulated time when you need to accept the offer after inspection, once you don’t respond, they can move away fast. 


Homeowners who want to sell their houses as-is and get a good cash offer should contact Alex Buys Vegas Houses, they are reliable and trustworthy.