Selling Fire Damaged House Las Vegas

Selling Fire Damaged House Las Vegas? We Can Make That Easy

There were more than 339,000 homes damaged by fire during 2019 according to the Insurance Information Institute and these were just the homes that were reported. It’s a serious problem that has left many damaged homes scattered across the country. Many of those homes are right here in Las Vegas. Luckily, owning a home that has been damaged in a fire doesn’t have to be the end of the line. You have options to ‘sell my house fast Las Vegas‘ even a fire damaged house in Vegas has value and you might be surprised by how much you can make.

What Are Your Options For Selling Fire Damaged House Las Vegas?

You have two options available when it comes to ridding yourself of a fire-damaged property. The first option is to restore the home to its previous condition and then place it on the real estate market. This is a viable option for some, but it does have some serious disadvantages.

The first problem with restoring and selling a fire-damaged property is that it’s going to be expensive. Repairing fire damage can take several months and cost tens of thousands of dollars. And that’s just the money you spend on the repairs themselves. There are other steps and expenses you’ll encounter along the way.

The home will need to be inspected by the insurance company and government officials along the way. You’ll also need to pay for any ongoing expenses at the property such as a mortgage or utilities if they are still available. This all adds up to quite an expensive bill that can easily outweigh any benefits associated with the traditional real estate market.

A Better Option For Selling Fire Damaged House Las Vegas

What if you don’t have months of spare time and thousands of dollars to throw at expensive repairs? A much safer option may be to sell your fire-damaged home as-is to a Las Vegas real estate investor. You can receive a cash offer for your damaged property that remains fair and competitive despite its damaged state. Real estate investors often purchase damaged properties and then make repairs over time.

Selling to a cash buyer has several advantages. First and foremost, it won’t cost you a single penny. You don’t need to pay for inspectors, contractors, or ongoing mortgage fees. You can sell a home in poor condition in a matter of days and have money in your pocket to put towards more important expenses.

The second advantage is the reliability of the deal itself. Even if you manage to fully restore a fire-damaged property it will be a long and stressful experience trying to sell it on the traditional market. Many traditional real estate deals fall through because buyers fail to receive the funding required from their lenders. You can find yourself waiting weeks on a hopeful deal only to have it fall through at the last minute. That never happens when you choose to sell to a Las Vegas real estate investor.

A third advantage is the lack of hidden fees, expenses, and closing costs associated with the transaction itself. A real estate agent might require a commission as high as $15,000 for their help selling your home. That’s $15,000 taken away from you and put into the pocket of the agent. And that’s only one of the many fees they will try to charge along the way. You pay absolutely nothing to a real estate investor who is willing to buy your home. All of the money flows towards you and your bank account. A great reason for you selling fire damaged house las vegas to a cash house buyer.

Selling Fire Damaged House Las Vegas Has Never Been So Easy

If you have ever sold a house before, then you probably already know what a difficult and time-consuming process it is. It’s significantly worse if you’re trying to sell a house that has suffered extensive fire damage. If you would like money quickly and reliably, then we advise avoiding the traditional method and working with a real estate investor. It’s an incredibly simple process that can be finished in less than a week.

In many cases, you can have a fair cash offer for your home in a matter of hours. Friendly investors are usually willing to work with owners around their schedule because they understand the urgency of the situation. A fire-damaged house that is inhabitable is only costing you more money the longer you hold onto it. Why not rid yourself of the problem and make some money back while you are doing it?

Alex Buys Vegas Houses Can Help You

Alex Wentland is a real estate investor who lives and works in the Las Vegas area. He loves the local community and strives to help homeowners receive fair value for their fire-damaged properties. He is not a real estate agent and won’t charge any expensive fees or commissions for his services. If you have a house that has been damaged by fire and are interested in selling as-is, fill out the brief form. You may have a cash offer for your home in no time at all.

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