Have you been served a foreclosure notice? We buy Vegas houses and we are willing to help you out of your debts. Read further to find out how.

No homeowner plans to fall behind on mortgage payments, but life happens, and sometimes situations spiral beyond our control. The fear and anxiety caused by an overdue mortgage payment are not a feeling to be desired. 

There are alternative options for indebted homeowners- you could either file for bankruptcy or negotiate the terms of your existing loan. However, selling the house pre-foreclosure is often the most preferred option.

As a Vegas homeowner, you are exempted from the hurdles of finding a buyer for your foreclosed home. We buy Vegas houses for cash regardless of their current shape and condition. Rest assured you will be getting the most appropriate deals.

What’s more? We understand your urgent need for cash, so we will most probably have a deal set for you in 24 hours or less. The entire closing process would surely not exceed 7 days. Got a close deadline? Contact us right away!

What You Should Know About Selling  A Foreclosed Home

Finding a buyer for your foreclosed home may seem an impossible task. It’s worse when you’re running on a deadline. Oftentimes, homeowners are forced to let go of their owners for substandard prices.

It Is almost impossible to sell a home for the same initial price, especially if the structure is below the current standard. Nonetheless, to get the best deal for your house, you should reach out to Alex Buys Vegas Houses. 

You would get a  good deal substantial enough to clear your debt and sort a few other expenses. Even if it doesn’t cover the entire cost, the funds will be enough to buy you enough time to regain your financial balance.

How to Sell a Home Pre-foreclosure in Vegas

Thanks to Alex Buys Vegas Houses, selling a Vegas home in pre-foreclosure only entails two primary steps.

Request permission from the lender

Some lenders would ask to be notified before any action on the mortgaged property is taken. Often, these lenders would ask to partake in the sales procedure, and that’s okay by us as well. If the lenders would not mind the sales, feel free to contact us right away to get the process started.

Contact us

We would require you to provide an address and if possible send pictures of the home to us. Next, we would schedule an appointment for a physical inspection and appraisal. We would have a deal ready for you within the next 24 hours.

We Buy Vegas Houses- Let Us Buy Yours!

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is a widely acclaimed real estate agency that has, for years, been serving the residents of Vegas and its environs. Our services are mostly home purchasing. In last year alone, we helped more than 100 Vegas homeowners sort out mortgage payments in record time. 

Clients can attest that we are independent of market conditions. So, rest assured we would not be offering you meager prices.

The best part is, that you do not need to spend extra costs on repairs to boost the value of your home, we buy Vegas houses as-is.

Stress-free procedures: We know you’re already stressed out from an overdue loan. So, we’d like to make the rest of the process easier. Allow us to relieve you of stress.

Quick Closing

Our closing time is applaudable. Where else will you get a better deal than ours in 7days?

Personalized offers

Sometimes, you’re selling your home to clear out an urgent loan without making provision for another. Don’t worry, Alex Buys Vegas Houses will come to a compromise for you.

Appropriate Deals

Our deals are simply non-negotiable. It’s a one-time offer you won’t find anywhere else. Our expert team of certified surveyors and housing agents will appraise your home, and draft the best possible deal you’ll find in the market.

We Buy Vegas houses, regardless of the condition, contact us to buy yours too!

Get Your No Obligation Offer in 24 Hours or Less!

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