Foundation problems are one of the biggest fears of a house owner. It could also be a hindering factor when you’re trying to sell your home. Foundation problems cause further issues like cracked walls and water in the basement. Foundation problems are a significant risk for potential buyers and can dissuade them from buying a house.

Foundation issues are not uncommon and if your home happens to have foundation issues, how do you sell it? Continue reading to learn how to sell a house with foundation problems.

How To Sell A House With Foundation Problems

How to know your house has a foundation 

There are telltale signs to indicate that your house might have foundation issues. You don’t necessarily need to hire a contractor to identify these signs as they can be very obvious. They include:

  • Cracks or gaps in the walls, concrete, bricks, or masonry.
  • Chipping slabs.
  • Walls pulling away from the home.
  • Warped siding.
  • Hairline cracks — those less than 1/4-inch — aren’t usually a major cause for concern.

These are signs you can find on the exterior of the house. There are interior signs that indicate that your house may have foundation problems. They include:

  • Misaligned windows and doors.
  • Windows that won’t shut or have cracks in the glass.
  • Sloping floors.
  • Cracks in drywall.
  • Gaps between the wall and the ceiling.
  • Cracks in vinyl or ceramic tile.
  • Uneven wood floor planking.
  • Water in the basement or crawl space.

Can I Still Sell My Home Despite Foundation Issues?

If your house has a damaged foundation, you’re probably worried that you might not be able to sell it. Not to worry, you have two options to consider when looking to sell your house with foundation problems. Your options are either you fix the foundation issues or you sell your house as-is. These options will be explained below:

  • Fix the Foundation Issues

The first step to take in fixing foundation issues is to consider how bad the damage is. After determining the level of the damage, the next step is to hire a structural engineer who is skilled and experienced in fixing foundation issues. The engineer will give you an estimate of how much it costs to fix the foundation.

In most cases the cost for foundation repair can be on the high side; the cost can run into thousands of dollars which may not be convenient for you. If you’re in this situation, then you can consider the second option which is selling your house as-is.

  • Sell As-Is

If you can’t afford to splash thousands of dollars on repair costs, selling your house as-is is another option to get your house with foundation damage off the market. By selling as-is, you’ll be transferring the responsibility of repairs into the hands of the buyer. However, you’ll need to intimate the buyer of the condition of your home. Otherwise, you’re at risk of facing legal action for failing to disclose the exact condition of the house to your buyer.

Selling your house on the market can be a hassle which is why working with a professional cash house buyer is a better option. Professional cash house buyers are ready to buy your house as-is.

How To Sell A House With Foundation Problems


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