Water damage in any home can cause discomfort to a house owner. And though it’s an unfortunate occurrence, it can happen to anyone. Water damage in the home can be a messy and expensive problem to fix.

That said, you might be wondering if it’s possible to sell a home with damage. The truth is yes, you can sell your house with water damage. You just need to follow the right step and get the right buyer to buy your house. At Alex Buys Houses, we buy houses Las Vegas even with water damage. What are your options for selling your house with water damage? Continue reading to learn more:

How To Sell A House Fast With Water Damage

Can You Sell a House With Water Damage?

Fixing and selling a house with water damage is an expensive process that you may not be ready for. If you’re wondering if you can sell your water-damaged home without making repairs, the truth is you can. Although the damage may be considered a challenge by the buyers, it’s not impossible.

How to Sell a House With Water Damage

Below are some steps you can follow to sell your house with water damage successfully:

  • Identify the Issue Quickly

The first thing to do is identify where the damage is. Look out for signs that imply there’s damage somewhere especially after rainy or snowy days. Below are some signs to look out for:

  • Mold on your ceiling or walls
  • Pooling water or puddles on your floors
  • The sound of dripping or rushing water
  • Wet spots on your ceiling or walls
  • A musty, moldy smell

After you’ve discovered the issue, try to fix them even if it’s a temporary measure. The earlier you fix such problems, the less damage it brings to your home.

  • Price Your Home Appropriately

The next step is to price your home according to the extent of the damage. It’s a given that the damage will affect and reduce the price of your home but by pricing it appropriately, you might get a profit after selling your home. If there’s only minimal damage in your house, you can still sell at a good price. But if the damage is extensive, you might not be able to make much profit from the sale of your house. You just have to sell your house for what it’s worth.

  • Disclose Damage to Potential Buyers

Before selling your house with water damage, you must inform your potential buyer. You must do this before the buyer discovers the damage during the home inspection. If the buyer finds out on their own, they might be discouraged from buying your house. But if you prepare their mind for what’s coming, they will prepare their minds to buy the house and make repairs on their own.

  • Consider Selling Your Home As-Is to an All-Cash Buyer

Selling to a cash house buyer will always be one of the most feasible options for selling a home with water damage. Selling to a cash house buyer simplifies the process because a cash house buyer is prepared to buy a house as-is irrespective of the condition it’s in. A cash house buyer considers your home an investment, so they make all repairs and renovations and make your house market worthy again.

How To Sell A House Fast With Water Damage 2


You have a wide range of options for selling your house with water damage, but selling to a cash house buyer remains the best option. Cash house buyers will not only buy your home with water damage, but they’ll also close the sale of your home fast. You don’t have to pay for any renovation or repairs before selling to a cash house buyer.

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