A divorce can happen for different reasons but one of the major effects of divorce is that it tears a family apart. Divorce leads to major problems that are expensive and time-consuming. If you’ve agreed to get a divorce with your spouse, then be ready to deal with difficult matters like asset division and who will continue to own a shared property.

How Does Selling A House Work During A Divorce

During a divorce, you can either sell or keep your home and luckily, this matter can be easily resolved by going over family law with help from a family law lawyer.

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Who gets the house in a divorce?

One of the major challenges of getting a divorce boils down to who gets the properties after a divorce. There are three ways in which this situation is resolved, they include:

  • One of the spouses buys the legal interest of the other spouse and keeps the property.
  • One of the spouses keeps using and living in the home for a definite period until the youngest child comes of age (usually 18 years) at which point they can proceed to sell the house.
  • The house is sold immediately and any profit made is shared between the spouses.

Which spouse gets the house is determined by the peculiarity of the divorce which makes the process a bit tricky to navigate. Each of the ways by which the challenge of selling a house during a divorce can be resolved may play out differently in different cases. It all depends on the acrimonious and cooperative nature of the divorcing couple.

Selling a house during divorce 

The best way to sell your home during a divorce is by getting a stipulation accompanied by a court order. A stipulation is an agreement written and signed by you and your partner stating important details about how the house will be sold, such as:

  • Selection of the real estate professional
  • How to set the price of the home
  • How to reduce the price, if necessary
  • Who will keep in constant touch with the real estate professional
  • Whether both spouses will need to officially need to approve offers and acceptances
  • Which spouse will ensure the home is ready for the presentation
  • Who is responsible for paying any liens after the sale of the home

To get a stipulation, you can work together with your family attorney or a mediator. The best way to sell your home during a divorce is through stipulation because it satisfies both parties and doesn’t cause future litigation.

How Does Selling A House Work During A Divorce 2

However, if a stipulation doesn’t work for you and your spouse, you can proceed to ask the court for an order to sell your house. You can do this before or during the divorce process instead of waiting till the end of the divorce trial. The court may accept your reason to address the matter before the end of the divorce trial if your reasons are valid for instance, the threat of foreclosure.


Selling your house during a divorce isn’t supposed to be a challenge if you follow due procedures. By getting a stipulation, you can sell your house easily without displeasing either party.

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