There are two major ways to get your house off the market; you can either hire a real estate agent to deal with the entire selling process or you can sell your house for cash. Most homeowners often choose the latter as the process isn’t as stressful and rigorous as the former. You only need to find a buyer with available cash to pay for the home. 

However, the process of selling your house for cash isn’t as rosy as it sounds, there are certain nuances you must acquaint yourself with especially if you’ve never done it before. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know on how to sell my house fast for cash Las Vegas. Continue reading to learn more:

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Steps to selling your home for cash

Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about selling your house for cash so you can decide whether going through this route is best for you.

  • Check on the value of your home

First, you need to know the value of your home; this will help you determine if you’re getting lowballed. You can determine the value of your home either through digital or traditional means. Using automated valuation model (AVM) pricing tools, you can get an estimated value of your home. These online tools help you gather data from county assessors, recorder’s offices, real estate property listing websites, and other places to provide an estimated value of your property. If you decide to go through the traditional route, you can hire a professional appraisal or real estate agent to help determine the value of your house.

  • Find a cash buyer and request an offer

The next step is to find a cash house buyer who is ready to buy your house. There are different types of cash house buyers but they all have one end goal which is to buy your house at an agreed price. If you’re confused about choosing the right cash house buyer, you can ask a real estate agent to recommend a good one for you.

  • Evaluate the price and terms of your offer

Different factors contribute to how you evaluate the price and terms of your offer. First, you need to consider the condition of your home and determine if it’s in the best-selling condition. Or are you facing a foreclosure which is why you want to sell your house? Having considered these factors and more, you can proceed to accept the terms of your cash house buyer.

  • Compare your offer to an agent’s CMA

Comparative market analysis calculates the market value of your home using information on homes similar to yours that have been sold recently. With this information, you can determine if you’re getting lowballed or not.

  • Sign the contract if you are satisfied with the offer

If you’re satisfied with your cash buyer’s offer, you can proceed to sign the contract. You can seek the assistance of an attorney if you want more clarification of the terms of the contract. But usually, the contract will consist of the following details:

  • Purchase price
  • Deposit amount
  • Any additional required fees
  • Closing date
  • Handle any unique requirements of the sale

Before a sale can be completed, there are some tasks you’re expected to complete. Sometimes, you can be asked to disclose any important information about your property. You need to understand and handle this requirement anytime it surfaces before you can complete the sale.

  • Pass the home inspection and clear the title 

Some cash buyers insist on carrying out a home inspection just to ensure that the house is in perfect condition. Otherwise, you must disclose whatever problem the house may have. Having passed this stage, you can proceed to clear the title. Title problems can delay your closing but it’s necessary before you can close the sale. You can order a preliminary title report and handle any problems ahead of time.

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  • Review and sign the closing documents

The closing will likely be completed at an escrow company or the office of a real estate attorney. You’ll sign the document as you would in a traditional sale.


This article has been able to explain the process of selling your house for cash. Now, if you’re going to sell your house for cash, you know what to expect and mistakes to avoid.

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