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A 5 Star Company

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We are the city's leading cash for home buyers and are willing to give you a fair cash offer for your home right away!

Many people are frustrated with the costs and often the responsibility associated with owning unwanted homes or property. The good news is that we are ready to buy your Las Vegas home, duplex, condo, or any other property. Regardless of the condition your home is in, we can make a fair cash offer and buy it once you accept.

We know from years of industry experience that there is a multitude of reasons why anyone would want to sell their Las Vegas home, which includes but aren't limited to:

At Alex Buys Vegas Houses, we buy homes regardless of their condition and pay cash for them.

If you have an unwanted property in or around Las Vegas, NV, we make it is possible to sell it fast and at the best price. In fact, we can make you an offer right away; the sooner you accept, the sooner we can move ahead with closing the sale.

Las Vegas is officially referred to as the City of Las Vegas and known by many as just Vegas. It also happens to be the 28th most populated city in the US, and it has the most population in the state of Nevada. The city is also the largest in the Mojave Desert. However, the city is best known as a renowned resort city, frequented by millions of tourists each year who come, gamble, get married, enjoy fine dining, shop, and enjoy the city’s nightlife. The Las Vegas Valley also serves as the state’s leading commercial and financial hub, and according to many experts, powers a good part of the US economy.

While Las Vegas likes to bill itself as the world’s entertainment capital, the large mega-casinos are just part of the attractions. It happens to be the top three destinations in the US and a global leader in the hospitality industry with more AAA Five Diamond hotels than Dubai. It is also ranked as one of the most tolerant cities frequented by tourists across the world. Over the years Vegas has also been home and the setting for many famous films, television programs, and music production.

Despite all of the above attributes, Las Vegas isn’t the best place to own a home for various reasons. The big one is taxes which can be pretty expensive depending on the size of your Las Vegas house, especially if you’re not living in the home. Keeping up with the maintenance of an old home can also be pretty expensive and not something most people will want to deal with. That said, selling a home in Las Vegas has always been challenging, especially if it’s anything less than in perfect condition.

Like most people, you might want to sell your house by hiring a realtor, but even realtors will ask homeowners to update their homes before they can be sold. You then need to factor in real estate agent commission and other various costs associated with selling the home. At the end of the day, you will still not end up with the amount originally offered and then paid for by the buyer.

How To

Sell Your Home In Vegas, Nevada

You have three primary options for selling your home in the city. As a homeowner, it is essential to familiarize yourself with all three options to understand the right one. That's why we've put together a quick and easy guide to all three options in this section.
Option 1: Selling via a real estate agent

We briefly discussed this option earlier, but to recap, when hiring a real estate agent, aka realtor, you need to pay them a commission. The commission is often a percentage of the home's sale price. However, hiring a realtor is an excellent option if your house is in perfect condition and you're not in a hurry to sell but don't want to spend time on marketing the property.
The best thing about using a real estate agent is that it saves you from having to market the property yourself or get involved with the paperwork. Usually, it is possible to get very close to the prevailing market value for your home especially since realtors network with many people who may want to buy houses like yours.
The downside to hiring a realtor is that it can take time to sell the home, depending on its location and market conditions. It is also the most expensive way to sell your home. You may have to pay anywhere from 10% to 15% in the way of commission in addition to escrow fees, buyer concessions, holding costs, closing costs, taxes, etc.

ETA: You can expect the property to take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to sell.

Option 2: Listing The Home Yourself aka FSBO

Honestly, FSBO is for homeowners who have the time to do the work, which can end up being a great deal of work. Also, it takes time to sell, so you shouldn't be in a rush. Finally, you need to be familiar with how selling real estate works and ensure that your home is in good shape before taking this route. Most retail buyers or average home buyers are nit-picky about the property, especially in Las Vegas, NV. So, you will not be able to sell the property as-is in most cases.

The upside to FSBO is that it saves you money because you're not paying a realtor commission. You can expect to save around 8% on average, but it can take longer to sell your home. FSBOs often take longer to sell as compared to hiring a realtor. On average, your home will take around six months to sell but it is all down to how the real estate industry looks like when you're selling.

If you are not very good with people, sales, and marketing, FSBO isn't for you. Also, it isn't uncommon for people to spend a lot of time trying to sell the home. Time too has monetary value, depending on who you are and is worth considering.

Option 3: Selling The Home To A Cash for Home Buyer

If you own a home that needs either a bit of work or lots of work and you want to sell quickly without a hassle, then a cash home buyer like us can help you. Selling to us, aka cash home buyers, is the easiest and fastest way to sell the property. Most cash buyers are highly experienced, which means that we can make an offer within a day and process the sale within a week. Depending on the size and type of property, we can process the sale even without a formal appraisal or inspection. Plus, you get a free cash offer for the home.

The other advantage of selling to a cash house buyer like us is that we are unlike retail buyers we are not picky. As mentioned earlier, most retail buyers are picky, which means they will get the property inspected, appraised, and the deal may fall through even after all that work. While we rarely pay the full market price for the home, it is usually a very good price, all things considered.

As a cash buyer, we can buy your home in as few as a week. Plus, you get and keep 100% of what we pay for the home. In other words, there is no cost associated with repairing your home, no commission, taxes, and other expenses associated with normally selling your home.

Since we don't need to apply for a mortgage or some other type of loan to buy your home, there is no chance that the bank may turn us down like they can with regular buyers. So, if you are willing to accept our offer, there is a 99.9% chance we'll put cash in your pocket within a few days!

Get the Fastest Cash Offer In The Industry

We know that people coming to us want to sell their homes in the Las Vegas area in a hurry. Whilst it is a big decision for many homeowners, we try to make it easier by making a near-instant cash offer. However, to make an accurate offer, we ask that homeowners provide us with as much detail about their property, including its present condition, location, etc. If there are documents associated with the home that may be missing or incomplete, let us know about that too as it may affect the speed of the sale. Once we have the information you provide, we can furnish you with a formal offer within 24 hours at most.

In addition to providing swift offers, here are a few more reasons to choose us: No hassle selling – You can forget about lengthy and time-consuming inspections when selling to us. Unlike the traditional real estate selling process, there is no need for an escrow, realtor commission, finding a reputable title company or any other hassle.

We make a fast and 100% hassle-free offer for the home, making it easy for anyone to sell their home. Plus, paying cash for a home in our experience helps because you get to keep 100% of it. Sell when you are ready – While our process is exceptionally fast, but how fast your home sells is entirely up to you. We do not push homeowners to sell their homes quickly or within a certain timeline. Our team will only start working with you when you accept our offer. Furthermore, you choose when to close, which can be a week from today or a month later! We Make the most generous cash offers in town – As professionals, we don't believe in wasting the time of our clients or homeowners. That's why we make one, but a very generous offer. Once you accept, you will witness the smoothest selling process. In addition, you don't pay closing costs or even clean-up costs.

How Do I Sell My House Fast To Las Vegas Home Buyers?

As a homeowner, we don't expect you to do anything except make sure that your documents are in order, and our team will handle 80% of the process.

We buy homes from people who are selling to avoid foreclosure, or maybe an inherited home or are going through a divorce and need cash. Sometimes people are selling because their tenants are giving them a tough time or need business capital and want to free it up from their property. We offer a swift and easy way to sell any home without incurring realtor commissions or needing to list your property. You can take advantage of our simple process that's designed to make selling a home quick and smooth guaranteed to give you cash fast.

However, the first step is to call us or fill out our online form to provide us with as much detail about your property as possible. A member of our team will then price your home, after which they will make a cash offer. Once all the closing costs are paid, the home is officially sold.

Contact Alex Buys Vegas Houses Today

If you have a home that needs extensive repairs, or maybe you can do with some extra cash by selling your house quickly, then feel free to get in touch with us for a 100% free offer for your home. We make a no-obligation offer that you can choose to accept at any time.

Call us today to find out more or fill out our online form for a quick, generous and fair offer.


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