Most homeowners want to know if they can sell their homes with a mortgage in Las Vegas. This may seem like a tricky situation but the answer is pretty simple; yes, you can sell your house with a mortgage.

A large percentage of homeowners sell their houses with a mortgage because according to the National Association of Realtors, most mortgages are 15-30 years loans that are longer than the median length of homeownership.

Can You Sell A House With A Mortgage In Las Vegas

However, the fact that many people engage in such doesn’t make it an ideal option for you. As a homeowner, you need to ensure that selling your home with a mortgage will not have any negative impact on your financial situation. Most sellers tend to ignore other expenses such as closing costs, agent commissions, etc which can reduce the profit they make from the sale of their house. So before you think of selling your home with a mortgage, you need to ensure that you understand the financial implications involved.

The biggest cost to sellers when selling their house is settling realtor commissions, so the best way to save more when selling your home with a mortgage is to pay a lower realtor commission.

What Happens To a Mortgage When You Sell Your House?

Selling your house with a mortgage provides the opportunity of using the profit or proceeds to clear off your outstanding mortgage bills. Before you close the transaction, the buyer pays the amount you want to sell your house for and also pays a share of the closing cost into an escrow account. The money will be in the escrow account until all the conditions for the transaction are fulfilled.

What Happens To a Mortgage When You Sell Your House

After the transaction has been completed, the escrow company transfers the money to your mortgage company to clear your outstanding mortgage bills.

Should I Sell My House With a Mortgage?

Before you sell a house with a mortgage, ensure you have enough equity. Also, do not forget that you’ll need to cover other expenses such as agent commissions and closing costs with the proceeds you get out of the sale of your house. If your equity is not enough to cover these expenses, then you’ll have to source additional funds to clear your outstanding bills.

To not make mistakes regarding selling your home with a mortgage, you should discuss with your mortgage lender to learn more about your outstanding mortgage bills.

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