In case you’re wondering if it’s possible to sell your house as-is without inspection, well the answer is yes. However, it’s only natural for the buyer to inspect the house they want to buy. Also, as a seller, some benefits come with carrying out a home inspection. It helps you know the true value of your home and helps you determine if you’re getting a low price for your home or not. 

Furthermore, in most cases, it’s compulsory by traditional laws that you inspect your home before selling. But in the case where you decide not to inspect your home, can you still sell your home? Can you sell your home through a traditional realtor or to cash home buyers Las Vegas? Continue reading to know more:

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Why You May Choose Not to Have an Inspection

  • It is Expensive

Getting a home inspection will cost you anywhere between $200-$600 depending on how big the house is. The amount may not be too expensive but if you’re in a fix or facing a foreclosure, $600 may look like a luxury you can’t afford.

  • Does not point out all issues 

During an inspection, all areas of the house are assessed thoroughly, including the interior and exterior of your house. Your exterior includes the walls, foundation, grading, roofing, and garage. These areas are checked thoroughly in case they have any problems. The interior aspect of your home includes the ceiling, kitchen appliances, fire safety, bathroom, water heater, and air conditioning. However, the inspection is not extended to other areas like the chimney pipes, sewer lines, dry walls, and insulation.

  • It Can Slow Down the Listing Process

Hiring an inspector takes anywhere between a few days to several weeks which may slow down the listing process that doesn’t even take up to three hours to complete. Another issue is you can’t go ahead and hire just any home inspector; the process of vetting your inspector also prolongs the listing process. Also, if after the inspection, there are problems you must fix before selling, the repair process may take longer than you expect, further prolonging the sale process. 

Best Ways to Sell a House Without Inspection

The best way to sell your house as-is without an inspection is to sell to a cash house buyer. Through cash sales, you can get your house off the market quickly especially if you’re facing foreclosure or you’re relocating to another location. However, if you’re going to sell your house for cash, you should know that you may not get the fair market value price of your home. The only benefit of this is that you won’t be concerned with certain costs such as marketing and realtor fees.

Cash buyers are mainly investors who want to buy your house and improve it to make it perfect for the market. They often invite flippers to inspect your home to determine the value of the house. The price they pay depends on the extent of damage in the house. 

So there you have it, You can sell your house as-is without an inspection.

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It is very possible to sell your house without an inspection by selling to a cash house buyer. But if you’re going through this route, you must know better than to expect the benefits you’d get when selling your house through a realtor. 

Selling to a cash house buyer has terms and conditions that you must abide by for a smooth sales process.

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