Sell my house Las Vegas

Is the thought, “Who is going to buy my house Las Vegas?” troubling you? Have you been thinking about listing your property for a while now? 

When selling your commercial or residential property in Las Vegas, there are certain facts about the selling process agents won’t tell you. If you embark on the traditional listing process, you may look back and wish you had opted for a different channel to sell your house in Vegas. Here are 6 facts that you may not realize when selling your house through traditional means:

1. Inconvenience

Today, you no longer have to let strangers into your house when dining with your family or hanging out during the weekend. This is a huge inconvenience for both the homeowner and prospective buyer. No one enjoys letting strangers into their personal space.

For real estate agents, they’d try to get as many visitors to see your house for them to find the right match. Your house should always be picture-perfect when the next stranger shows up.

Letting hundreds of prospective buyers into your space and having an open house for months may be stressful for any homeowner. These impromptu visits may be bothersome, especially if you have little kids or pets.

As a homeowner, you may wonder, “How long will it take for someone to buy my house Las Vegas?”

2. Time On The Market

This is a genuine dilemma for many homeowners. If you are in need of quick cash, the days your property stays on the real estate market in Las Vegas may ruin your plans.

An agent won’t tell you how long your property will be on the market. They’ll reassure you it will sell soon enough, giving you an average figure of how long houses take to sell in your location. 

Average days don’t apply to everyone. Your house may end up on the real estate market for several months. This may force you to take care of two properties if you’ve already moved out.

3. Closing Delays

When selling houses through traditional channels, closings may take even 60 days. Problems with financing, appraisals, or even inspections can cause these delays. A real estate agent will conveniently leave out these details, causing you to stress out when closing delays force you to wait for a longer period to sell your Las Vegas house.

4. Repairs

You may assume your house is in the best condition while living in it. A home inspection may prove you completely wrong. Inspections are crucial for most home buyers and can bring extensive issues with your house to light. 

Repairs and renovation costs may run into thousands of dollars. This mainly depends on the problems in question, like a damaged roof, fire damage, or a leaking basement. Your agent may not tell you that you’ll be responsible for such replacement or repair expenses.

Your plan to sell your Las Vegas house may encounter hurdles along the way 

5. Contingencies

Real estate deals occur between willing buyers and sellers.What if the deal doesn’t go through? 

A prospective buyer may require certain conditions to be met before they commit to buying your house. Contingencies are common in the traditional home selling process. For instance, a buyer may ask to renegotiate the purchase price if your house doesn’t pass an inspection.

Having to go back to the drawing board would be devastating for any Las Vegas homeowner, especially if the process of selling your Las Vegas house had already begun.

6. Additional Costs

There are extra fees that you may have to settle when selling your house. You may have to pay a professional to stage your house or make aesthetic changes to your outdoor decor and landscape. There are also marketing expenses to advertise your home in the Las Vegas real estate market. 

When selling your Las Vegas house, you may have to hire a storage locker to keep your belongings and declutter your house

Still, you will have to pay realtors and their brokers a percentage from the sale of your house as commissions. Don’t forget the fees you’ll pay a professional photographer to take outstanding pictures of your house that will be posted online.

Many unforeseeable factors may affect how much you get from the sale of your house. These additional expenses may eat into your profit after finalizing the real estate transaction. 

Why Get Short-Changed When You Can Sell Your Las Vegas For Cash?

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