We buy Vegas houses from divorced couples and will happily buy yours too. Going through a divorce is already traumatizing, there’s no need for the extra stress on who gets to keep the house.

A co-owned home is usually among the most controversial assets for a divorced couple. Since each partner contributed to the home, they are very likely to seek fair compensation. 

In some cases, couples are calm-headed and will come to an amicable compromise. In other cases, however, especially if the divorce was rough and bumpy, there would be endless hassles in the home.

For Vegas couples, none of these hassles are necessary. Whether your divorce was turbulent or not, we buy Vegas houses so long as the partners are willing to sell. 

Selling a house after a divorce is way easier than you think, especially for Vegas couples. Alex Buys Houses Vegas has taken the responsibility of freeing couples from all residential ties. 

Things become incredibly easy if there are no kids involved, and, selling your house to us now rather than later, will free you from accruing home taxes.

Why You Should Sell Your House After a Divorce

Why should you not? It makes the most sense that a house should be sold after a divorce. There’s even more reason if there are no kids yet. Selling the house would help avoid legal battles and other situations that may arise should you decide to keep the house. 

If your spouse is against the idea, you could try to convince them with any of the following reasons:

Divide proceeds

No doubt the divorce must have cost a fortune, even if your lawyer did a pro-bono one for you, there are still other fees you need to sort out. Selling the house and dividing the proceeds benefits each party involved. Since you’re about to begin a new phase, you’ll be needing some financial backing. 

Before selling the house, it is essential to agree on who gets what. If possible, invite some legal presence into your deliberations to avoid further tussles when the house is eventually sold.

Gain emotional relief

Renowned therapists will advise divorced couples to take time apart, how can you do this if you wake up to each other each day? No doubt you shared beautiful memories in your homes, moments you thought would last forever, but they didn’t and that’s okay. 

There’s no need to wallow in PTSD. Selling off the house and moving on would be best for your mental health and aid your healing process. After all, out of sight is out of mind. Allow Alex Buys Vegas Houses to take the house out of your sight.

Can’t afford the mortgage

There are many financial hassles involved in being a single homeowner, especially if you used to just co-own the home. Even if one spouse buys the other out of the home, the mortgage costs will no doubt burden them. There’s no need for this. Sell off the house and move into another that you can effortlessly afford.

No Prenup? No Problem! We Buy Vegas Houses From Divorced Couples 

A prenup saves everyone the stress of deciding what to do with the properties when the marriage is over. But, some couples don’t get one, probably because they never imagined a divorce. If you didn’t either, there’s no cause for alarm. We buy Vegas houses, with or without a prenup. Allow us to buy yours and enjoy the following benefits. 

Quick Closing

All operations concerning the house, from contacting us, to booking a physical appointment to getting cash for your home will be rounded up in 7 days! Yes, in 7 days, you would be free from the home and all the old memories. Free to move on to the next phase.

Fair Deals

Alex Buys Vegas Houses are renowned as the best Vegas home dealer. We earned that reputation through our amazing one-time offer. We would professionally appraise your home and offer you the most appropriate deal.

No Altercations

We get that some couples would rather have little or no contact with each other. If such is your case, we would gladly perform transactions with an assigned attorney or other trusted individual.

No extra costs

Alex Buys Vegas Houses save you from paying commissions to real estate agents or any middleman you employ to facilitate your sales. Furthermore, there’s no need to try to fix broken or substandard structures before a sale. We buy Vegas houses in any condition. Leave the repairs to us and go have a cool-off.

Alex Buys Vegas Houses is available for all home transactions in Vegas and its environs. Contact us soon to get the process started.