Sell With Cash House Buyers 3 Good Reasons

Couple in real-estate agency talking to construction planner

Selling a house doesn’t need to be a year-long nightmare. We understand how difficult and time-consuming selling a house on the traditional market can be. That’s why we are happy to offer homeowners a faster, easier solution. We are cash house buyers that make fair cash offers for as-is properties.

Of course, if you ask a real estate agent they will always encourage you to rely on their services as well. That’s understandable, considering how most agents make a 6 percent commission on every sale. They won’t go out of their way to explain the many benefits that come from cash buyers. Not when it could easily cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

But there are actually many benefits and we’re here to share them. Here are some of the most notable advantages that we have to offer.

7 Days To Close The Deal

Speed is perhaps the biggest advantage that we have to offer. Even in an ideal market, a home can sit for around 3 months before a sale is made and the deal is closed. That’s three months before a single penny will ever land in your bank account. And we know that the market has not been close to ideal over the last year. Interested buyers are still afraid of traveling outdoors, which is slowing down sales across the country.

But we aren’t afraid of closing deals regardless of the state of the market or the country. We are closing deals as fast as ever without any signs of slowing down. On average, we are closing deals in 7 days. If you are in need of an influx of cash before the month ends, then cash house buyers are the way to go.

No Chance For The Deal To Fail

There’s always a stressful period when you find an interested buyer and the paperwork begins. For the next few weeks, you wait while the buyer is busy handling their financing. Unfortunately, the financing doesn’t always work out. Plenty of deals fail before closing because the buyer is unable to secure the financing that they need. In most cases, their lender doesn’t approve the loan for the property. The deal fails and the house goes back onto the market.

There’s no risk of this happening when you deal with our company. Cash offers are the most reliable funding option available. We aren’t at the mercy of a bank or other lending provider. We have all of the funding needed for the purchase before ever making an offer. As soon as you receive an offer you are guaranteed to receive that amount if you choose to accept the deal.

Deals often fail because of issues that arise during the appraisal process. An appraisal may come far below expectations. The lender reviews the appraisal and then decides they are not willing to finance the purchase of the property. Once again, there’s no risk of this happening with our company because we have no lenders to appease and no need for an official appraisal.

No Repairs Or Renovations Needed

The stress involved with selling a home often begins long before the house goes onto the market. The two big concerns that most sellers begin with are repairs and renovations. Most states require that you disclose needed repairs before listing a home and most buyers won’t purchase a house that needs repairs. Most buyers will invest in a professional inspector to ensure that there are no problems before making an offer.

Renovations may not be mandatory, but they are important if you want to receive a decent offer for the property. This is especially true if other nearby homes have had renovations to increase their value. Being the only home in the neighborhood without a third bedroom can really hurt the bottom line.

Cash house buyers don’t care about repairs or renovations. We actually handle these problems on our own after we purchase the house. It means that we won’t offer quite as much as you’d receive in the traditional market, but you also save thousands of dollars upfront by avoiding expensive home projects.

If you’re in need of emergency funding or extra income, then you may not have the money to throw at repairs and renovations. Spending $15,000 on a new bathroom or roof repair is simply out of the question for many homeowners. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to sell their home for a fair amount.

Cash House Buyers Make Life Easier

We know that the cash buying process isn’t right for everyone. If you’re interested in getting the biggest profit possible and don’t mind waiting for months, then the traditional market may be fine. But if you’d like to avoid repairs, real estate agents, and long waits, then contact our office today to discuss your options.